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What are the dates for Siso Festival 2023?

Do you sell tickets without accommodation?

When will I receive my ticket?

Can I stay for less than the full week?

What is the accommodation like?

Does any of the accommodation come with a kitchen / cooking space?

How big are the rooms?

How far is the accommodation from the festival?

What happens if someone in the group can no longer make it?

If I have an empty bed in my room can I add someone to the booking at a later date?

Can I buy a ticket from someone else?

Do you offer discounted tickets for residents of Albania and Kosovo?

What is your cancellation policy?

Can I change a name on my booking?

What happens if the event cannot go ahead?


What is Albania like?

Is it safe?

Do I need a visa or travel permit to travel to Siso?

Can I still travel to Dhërmi after Brexit?

Do I need health insurance?

Do I need to be vaccinated to attend?

Festival Information

When does Siso take place?

How many people are expected to attend Siso 2023?

What kind of amenities are available in Dhërmi?

What are the food/drink costs like at Siso?

Besides the music, what else is available?

Here are some of the places we recommend visiting:

What is the easiest way to get to Siso from my accommodation during the festival?

How do I get to Siso?

How do I get from Corfu airport to the port?

Where do I get my transfer from Tirana airport?

Where can I find transfer times?

I need to leave on Saturday or Sunday, how can I get to the airport?


What kind of activities are available?

Are these included with the ticket?

What is your cancellation policy?


Where can I find information on the venues?

Can assistance animals attend the event?

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