Siso Festival

Travel Guide

How to get to Siso

Siso takes place in Dhërmi, a coastal village on the Albanian Riviera located between the cities of Sarandë and Vlorë. It is the most beautiful spot on the entire coastline and a true hidden gem.

The main route to get to Dhërmi is by boat from Corfu. We organise boat transfers from the Corfu port to Himarë or Sarandë for passport control, then the final leg of the trip is done by bus. The bus, which is included in the price, will leave you near your accommodation in Dhërmi.

You can fly to either Corfu or Tirana. We offer transfers from both airports that will drop you at the nearest stop to your accommodation. You can add these when you book your ticket or at a later date via the manage booking portal. Seats are limited. If you don’t book one of these you will have to make your own way to the festival.

Flight time to Corfu is under 3 hours from most European cities.

Passports and Visa / Travel insurance

Passports and Visa

You will need your passport on arrival in Albania. If you are from a country listed here, or have a Schengen visa you will be entitled to visa-free access to Albania. Otherwise, please visit the government website here for further information and the Visa application form.

Travel insurance

It is essential to have travel insurance for holidays abroad. Most travel insurances include Albania, but we recommend that you check the policy wording before purchasing.

Our preferred supplier is First Travel Insurance. Please feel free to request a quote from them here.

About Dhërmi

Dhërmi is a small coastal town situated where the Ionian Sea meets the Aegean. It is well known among Albanians for its laid back atmosphere and beautiful beaches - but it is as good as unknown to international travelers. Dhërmi is busy during high season in late July and August, but exceptionally quiet the rest of the time. This quaint little beach town will be your home for the week and the beaches will be yours.

Siso is flanked by Dhërmi and Drymades beaches. The vast majority of the accommodation is located on either side. Both have a few supermarkets and a good range of beachside restaurants and bars. Dhërmi beach is within a couple minutes walk from the festival area and Drymades just a 5 minute shuttle bus from the festival site. We operate a shuttle service to and from Drymades.

Restaurants at Siso

Vegetable dishes
Traditional Albanian

Albanian food is the meeting point between Italian, Turkish and Greek cuisines. Above all, pride is taken on the use of fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Restaurants at Siso will serve a broad range of food, including freshly caught seafood, vegetable dishes and traditional Albanian dishes, slow food and bureks, which are delightful local pastries.

Local prices

We’ve put together a few prices here to give you a guide of what you can expect to spend on your trip.

Main course in a restaurant

6-15 €

Beer in a bar or restaurant

3-6 €

Wine (bottle) in a bar or restaurant

12-26 €

Spirit and mixer

4-6 €

Exploring further

There is so much to see on the Albanian Riviera and beyond the shore. Let Siso be your opportunity to explore.

Day excursions

Siso is surrounded by beautiful beaches that can only be accessed by boat. Due to the lack of facilities these are generally empty. We organise day trips to some of these paradisiacal getaways.

You can reserve your spot via Manage Booking.


The festival programme is designed to give days to party, relax, explore the incredible surroundings and make the most out of your holiday. These are some of the activities available:

Paragliding • Kayaking • Snorkeling • Paddleboards • Pedalos • Yoga • Beach massage


From blissful beach massages to yoga and meditation, these activities will heal those aching limbs from a little too much dancing. These activities can be booked via email prior the festival or booked on site on a first come first served basis.

Yoga • Breathwork • Kundalini • Shamanic Circle • Cacao Experience • Sweatlodge

Pre Trip Information

We will send you a Pre-Trip information document 2 weeks before departure, which will include detailed information about your trip and other useful bits, such as:

Accommodation and check-in information • Boat transfer details • Useful numbers • Local law and customs • Basic words in Albanian • Emergency contact

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